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Wretched Spirit

Stubbornness is starting to kick in again after several people reminded me this week that the existence of the Red Room motivated them to start (or restart) publishing. I don’t handle compliments well, but this is different; not actually a compliment, but more like stating a fact. It makes sense: We came out of nowhere, no one had ever heard about us outside of this small rectangle of land in the Iberian Peninsula (and even here, only a handful of people in the “community” had met us) and after a few months, we had a moderately successful tiny independent RPG publisher. Granted, it doesn’t take many triumphs for a tiny independent publisher to enjoy moderate success, but it took a lot of work and persistence and a very welcoming reception by not just the OSR audience but also several people who had been in the business for decades, like Grim Jim, the RPGPundit and Venger Satanis. The moderate success didn’t last long, but like hell we’m going to give it up that soon and give those woke cunts a reason to celebrate. As long as we don’t lose money (we refuse to do this as vanity press), we’re here to stay. That’s the Wretched spirit!

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