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Sub Umbra – Released

Sub Umbra is a conspiracy thriller scenario for Wretched Darkness or other modern horror OSR role-playing games. It is a sandbox adventure taking place in Portugal and contains information about several real-world and fictional factions (some of them already featured in previous Wretched books), characters and historical events.

While researching for a book on secret societies and occult sects at the library of a 19th-century eccentric millionaire, a Portuguese journalist found evidence that the Knights of Christ (the order that succeeded the Knights Templar in Portugal) had retained much of the esoteric lore from the disbanded Templars. However, this was merely the surface-level finding. The records of a 17th-century Portuguese knight revealed the Order of Christ’s progress in harnessing ancient knowledge to manipulate telluric currents from the Axis Mundi, the supposed centre of the world or the universe. This discovery has the potential to unlock a power that had been lost to the world. However, the document is incomplete, with several crucial sections missing, leaving many questions unanswered. The whereabouts of the missing paragraphs remain unknown.

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