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MEN: A Role-Playing Game With HUGE Balls

Our Valentine’s release is a very unromantic game, MEN – A Manly RPG for Manly Men. Get it now on DrivethruRPG while we’re still not cancelled (again).

MEN is a work of a satyr. A very serious satyr. If you do not like what this satyr says, he is gonna ram you in the guts with his big-ass horns and then ram you in the ass with his big-ass dick and then kill you and eat you. This is not a disclaimer. This is a fucking death threat!

In MEN you play real men who kill, fuck and eat things in a science-fantasy setting, the weird world of Hatia, where the main power groups are the Butt Pirate fleet, the Boomistani theocracy and the matriarchal dystopia of Oxvardridge. How did those humans got there? Well, Hatians were planning to invade Earth but, before charging in guns blazing, they decided to capture some humans and settle them in Hatia to study them. Of course men being awesome, they escaped their laboratories and now roam free and proud in the wilderness. They answer to no one but The Dude and they are always ready to fuck some shit up!

If you do not like MATURE THEMES in RPGs DO NOT BUY this game. If you are easily offended DO NOT BUY this game. If you cannot cope with satire* DO NOT BUY this game. There are plenty of “edgy” games out there less likely to get your panties in a twist. Maybe try our Wretched line instead?

Are you still there? Cool, then you’ll probably enjoy this!

* Satire is the literary or artistic use of humour, irony, or exaggeration to criticize and ridicule human vices and follies. It is a form of commentary that employs sarcasm or parody to expose and highlight the flaws of individuals, institutions, or society as a whole.

For now MEN is available only at DrivethruRPG. There will be a print on demand option soon.

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