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Sex in Role-Playing Games, Yes or No?

This is a subject that keeps coming up when talking about Wretched games. Our answer is: Of course! However, the answer must be given the proper context. What are we exactly talking about when we say Wretched games should contain sex? Are we expecting Game Master and players to describe romantic sex encounters in a Harlequin novel style?

“Suddenly, the door opened, and he stepped inside. Aria’s heart leapt with joy, and she felt a wave of heat rising up within her. He was even more handsome than she remembered, dressed in a fine velvet tunic and breeches. His eyes were dark and intense, and they seemed to look right through her. The bard stepped forward and took her hands in his. His touch was electrifying, and Aria felt her skin tingle wherever he touched her. He leaned in close, his breath warm against her neck, and she felt a shiver of pleasure run through her. The bard’s hands slid up her arms, his fingertips caressing her skin as he moved. His lips were soft and gentle, their kiss passionate and deep. Aria felt herself melting in his embrace, and the heat between them seemed to grow and intensify. His hands moved down her body, his touch exploring every curve and inch of her. He cupped her breasts in his hands, and she gasped at the feeling. His hands moved lower, and Aria felt a wave of pleasure wash over her as he teased her sensitive areas.”

FUCK NO! By the way, we loathe this kind of thing so much; we had GPT write it. This unwretchedness incarnate! Leave that shit to theatre kids and sparkletrolls in general.

Now this we approve of:

Miguel (as Bela Tusa, the Dwarf): I want to spend the night with a hooker
Sílvia (as the GM): Right. One of them accepts dwarves, but she charges double.
Miguel: Fine, I’ll paydouble.
Sílvia: OK, so you spend the night wi…
Miguel: Wait, wait, I’m not finished. She does anal sex, right?
Sílvia: She does, but not with dwarves.
Miguel: Fucking racist! I paid her double, she must…
Sílvia: No, that was the price for regular sex, she won’t do anything else with you.
Miguel: I’ll threaten her, then. If she doesn’t do it, I’ll force her.
Sílvia: When threatened, she gets scared and starts screaming. She will alert the guards.
Miguel: I pick up my axe and get ready for some fun. Meanwhile, I warn her: We aren’t done yet, let me just deal with those fuckers.

I hope this clears any doubts about what role sex should play in Wretched games. No romance and no descriptions, only action is expected!

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