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Merry Christmas From the Red Room

Hi! First of all, merry Christmas! If you have purchased any of our core books, we have a gift for you: The revised rules for Wretched, which is also a Wretched Darkness quickstart. We’ve been working on the revised rules, introducing changes based on the natural evolution of the Wretchedverse (and buyer and reviewer suggestions) so they can be released with the next game, Wretched Darkness, the Wretched game of horror and dark urban fantasy.

While the setting for Darkness is still being edited, we have just finished the rules layout. These can be used with any of the other Wretchedverse games, and some modified mechanics should actually be used instead of the original. At least, that’s what we think… This time we’ve decided not to release a free quickstart (it’s about 220 pages) but to offer it just to those who have purchased at least one of the core books. Since these are rules for a horror game, some of the optional mechanics will not apply to all Wretched games (e.g. Hit Points were reduced quite a lot). Also, some of the illustrations were NFSW, but we’ve censored them.

So,if you have any of the Red Room’s core books, check your email, you should find there an email about an update.

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