Get the Giallo Trilogy With a Discount on DrivethruRPG

Her Heart Was a Locked Room and Nobody Had the Key – The Giallo Series Companion (yeah, long title, it’s a giallo…) will be out soon, bringing new rules and info on the movie genre and about designing gialloish scenarios (among other stuff)… Meanwhile, you can go over to DrivethruRPG and buy the three Postmortem Giallo scenarios with a discount.


  • Cover art by Jonathan Torres (aka The Basic Expert) – more on that later
  • An introduction on giallo in movies and role-playing games.
  • Rules for running giallo scenarios in *Punk (fear, sanity, advantages and disadvantages, expanded critical hits inspired by Blood!)
  • Floorplans for Orpheum Lofts
  • The one-shot scenario Her Heart Was a Locked Room and Nobody had the Key (previously available as a blog post)
  • Using Tarot cards for random encounters and events

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