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Rollerclash Teams (Postcards from Avalidad)

The idea of organising a Rollerclash competition was Dr Bentley’s, when he took over his office, as a way to further distract the workers on weekend nights. A kind of violent entertainment that is contained inside a sports venue and doesn’t flow over into the streets, as sometimes happens with Deathfight and Mutant Mayhem. That’s the reason why he decided to base it on Rollerball, a science fiction movie classic from the 1970s. Each Rollerclash team is sponsored by a different corporation. These are the teams currently playing in Avalidad by order of relevance:

Brutal Deluxe (BurroughsTech)
Underworld Blasters (Annexia Corp)
Rage Lords (Bergen Group)
Neon Rage (Nakajima)
Gods of War (Kobayashi)
Turbo Rangers (Matsui)
Sword of Damocles (War Inc)
Death or Glory (Hauser Corp)
Meat Massacre (Skyswitch Corporation)
Fatal Furies (Uncle Bill’s Guns)
Sexy Slashers (Martinelli)
Mean Machines (SecuriTech)

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