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Wretched Minions Volume 1: Goblins (RELEASED)

The goblin, perhaps the quintessential minion in fantasy lore. Known for their diminutive size, exaggerated features, and unquenchable work ethic, goblins take centre stage in the first volume in the Wretched Minions bestiary series, by Michael L Straus. While often dismissed as dumb or silly, goblins possess a clever industriousness that makes them perfectly suited as cheap labour for nefarious overlords. This is ML Straus‘s first volume in a series of Wretched Minions for the Red Room. You can purchase it at our store, Big Geek Emporium or Giant Slayer Games.

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Vice: Sandcove Under Fire RELEASED

This is an updated and expanded version of Vice: Sandcove Gets the Blues. More setting, more characters, a city guide, more plot hooks, new introductory scenarios and optional rules for forensic sciences, hostage negotiation, crime scene investigation, gang generation, vehicle chases and more.

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Wretched New Flesh FREE until next sunday

Wretched New Flesh – Second Edition, our future-noir/ biopunk game setting inspired by William Burroughs and David Cronenberg, will be released soon, with revised and new mechanics, lots of extra content and two more scenarios. In the meantime, if you would like to take a look at the first version, go over to the Red Room store and use the coupon code renewedflesh for a free digital copy. This offer will be available only at our store until next Sunday, September 10th.

So what is Wretched New Flesh? It’s an OSR near-future sci-fi/ surreal horror game inspired by the works of William S. Burroughs, David Cronenberg, William Gibson, and Clive Barker. Almost 400 pages crammed full of information about the bizarre world of Avalidad, with mechanics compatible with the previous Wretched games.

The game setting is centred on Avalidad, a futuristic city in Morocco, where corporations have been conducting research in genetics, cybernetics, augmented and virtual reality, and biotechnology. By default, characters are expected to be ZoneSec operatives or executives for Takeda Technologies, one of the most powerful corporations in Avalidad, but other roles such as Avalidad’s celebrities, fiscal royalty and seedy underbelly are also possible.

Th first edition includes the contents of Postmortem Studios’ Postcards from Avalidad, new mechanics, the scenario As Above, so Below and additional information about the city of Avalidad, corporations, technology, ZoneSec and more.

To get the first edition for free, click on the link below and use the coupon code renewedflesh after adding the item to your shopping cart. And stay tuned for the second edition, that should be released by the end of this month. Also planned is a new city book for the world of New Flesh by James ‘Grim’ Desborough, Penney Tower, a sourcebook inspired by the science fiction stories of JG Ballard.

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Darkness Second Edition and Shadows Over Olisipo Now at Lulu

Wretched Darkness Second Edition and Shadows Over Olisipo, recently released in digital format, are now available in print on demand (softcover and hardback options) at

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Vice: Sandcove Under Fire (COMING SOON)

Vice: Sandcove Under Fire is an expansion of Vice: Sancove Gets the Blues. More setting, more characters, more plot hooks, new rules for crime scene investigation, car chases, forensics and hostage negotiation, random tables and more. Coming soon from the Red Room.

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Wretched Darkness – Second Edition (RELEASED)

Wretched Darkness – Second Edition (just released at the Red Room store, BIg Geek Emporium Giant Slayer Games; it will be available soon at Lulu). Welcome to the nightmarish realms of the Wretchedverse, where horrors lurk around every corner, and the darkness hides untold terrors. Wretched Darkness is a mature horror role-playing game where players take on the roles of anti-hero characters who must face the unknown and confront the supernatural and the paranormal head-on. It may may be played as a dark fantasy game or you can make it into an actual horror experience.

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August Giveaway

A reminder that while our summer sale is on, for every $20+ order at the Red Room store you get an entry into our August Giveaway (the prize will be 3 softcover Wretched books of your choice).

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Wretched Verses Issue 12: Alternative Magic Rules (Released)

For those seeking an even more “realistic” and less powerful magic system than the standard Wretched rules, these alternative conjurer rituals provide a further departure from its Vancian roots. If you’ve purchased the Wretched Époque Second Edition, you should already have access to these rules (check the downloads in your account). And if you plan to get the upcoming Wretched Darkness Second Edition, you’ll also find this content included.

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Orbital Decay UPDATE 1.2

We’ve just updated Orbital Decay. It’s now a 195 page mini-setting (or a sourcebook for Wretched New Flesh). If your purchased in any of the stores, you can now download version 1.2. It’s also available in print on demand at

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Wretched Space – Second Edition – RELEASED!

Now available at Red Room Store, Big Geek Emporium and Giant Slayer Games. Print on demand coming to soon.

In the sordid underbelly of the galaxy, only the crafty and callous survive. Wretched Space is an OSR RPG where you don’t play as heroes on a noble crusade, but rather as roguish anti-heroes just looking to get by in a harsh universe. You aren’t out to save the world – you’re out to save your own skin. And maybe make some credits along the way if opportunity knocks. This game revels in greyness of morality, where doing the right thing takes a backseat to doing what needs to be done. Idealism is a luxury you can’t afford out here.

This book contains a setting, the space opera version of the Wretchedverse, and plenty of ideas for you to come up with new worlds. To be true to the Wretched spirit, the default setting casts the players as members of the Wretched Legion, a special corps of the Galactic Federation law enforcement made up of pardoned criminals given an old, battered starship and second-rate weaponry, and deployed to enforce the law on backwater worlds. If this prospect doesn’t appeal to you, there’s a whole universe of wretchedness out there…