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Thanks for Standing With the Red Room

We're pleased to report that February was our best month since our launch in April of last year, despite being banned from DrivethruRPG. The controversy surrounding our deplatforming and the sudden surge of popularity for MEN has obviously boosted our sales and brought us a brief moment of fame (or infamy). However, March will be … Continue reading Thanks for Standing With the Red Room

Red Room 25% Discount at Big Geek Ends Today

It's the last day to use our special discount code at Big Geek to get a 25% discount over everything but the last two releases (MEN and Welcome to St. Cloud). The coupon code is welcome2bge.

MEN Character Sheet

Yeah, I know, character sheets aren't manly enough. But some people want them anyway. I was about to start doing a character sheet for MEN when I got this one in my email. One of our customers, Dan S., went ahead and prepared a manly fillable sheet. men-character-sheet-fillableDownload

Check the New MEN Video Promo The manliest promo video ever: MEN, a game so FUCKING good it got us kicked out of Drivethru! Get your copy of MEN - the instant cult classic role-playing game by Dick Pound - from Lulu or Big Geek Emporium (it's only $9.90 until the 27th): Big Geek Emporium (pdf): Lulu (print on … Continue reading Check the New MEN Video Promo

MEN Sale: $9.90 This Weekend

If you find the game that kicked us out of DriveThruRPG too pricey, no problem. This weekend you can buy it at the censor-free shop Big Geek Emporium for a much more affordable price. Get your MEN now!


Have you heard about Welcome to St Cloud, the Twin Peaksiest role-playing scenario of them all (now with a brilliant cover by Jon "The Basic Expert" Torres? No? Well, today is the day! Get it at Big Geek Emporium:

MEN is Now Available in Soft Cover (

MEN - The Manly RPG for Manly Men is now available for print at Lulu. Go check it out if you have the balls! (metaphorically speaking, if you don't have them, you can still buy it).

The RPGPundit Reviewed Wretched Space

Wretched Darkness Promo

Though the core book is not a new release, the Wretched Darkness line has just started with Welcome to St Cloud. Here's a promo video for our horror/ dark urban fantasy game.