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New Release: Days of Lead

Available now at the Red Room store, Big Geek Emporium and Giant Slayer Games. It will be available later at Luludotcom as a softocover.

Descend into the shadows of 1970s Italy in this gritty Wretched setting. In the fictional city of Cittaferra, political terrorism, organised crime, and institutional corruption threaten to tear society apart. Face off against dangerous extremists like the neo-fascist Alba Dorata or the militant Marxists of Mano Rossa. Match wits with cunning mafia bosses and their shadow networks bleeding the city dry. Or defy power itself as an activist, rogue cop, or underground journalist.

Days of Lead Includes new archetypes and optional rules covering investigative skills, vehicle combat, chase scenes, and more for high-action drama. An adventure generator helps game masters craft intrigue-filled plots in this richly detailed setting and city districts provide story hooks and locales. Relive the tension and grit of Italy’s iconic poliziesco films and Years of Lead era. Let Cittaferra’s layers of light and dark inspire stories where loyalties shift and morality blurs. Days of Lead requires the Wretched Role Playing Game core rules to play.

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