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A Fistful of Blood and Dust – Coming Soon!

A Fistful of Blood and Dust is a short campaign mixing horror and spaghetti western influences by Olivar Tripas (Tears of Belphegor) taking place in the American West at the end of the 19th century.

The Indians are not yet completely pacified, the roads are still unsafe for pioneers and adventurers of all kinds, and the unexplored territories are full of gold…and bad encounters. It is in this atmosphere of unknown and danger that a party of bastards composed of an alcoholic priest, a witch of an ancient cult, a bounty hunter, a former sheriff and an Indian find themselves confronted with increasingly strange phenomena on a road lined with corpses and mysteries that will lead them from the Canadian border to the Rocky Mountains, from the ancestral Indian lands of the Crow people to the heart of frightening and unknown territories. By combining their strengths and knowledge, will they succeed in thwarting the designs of the one known as Profaner? A supernatural entity rising from Inferno, awakened from a long sleep with only one desire: To plunge the Wild West into an era of unprecedented chaos and desolation, to bring true hell to the land.

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Stay Wretched!

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