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Thanks for Standing With the Red Room

We’re pleased to report that February was our best month since our launch in April of last year, despite being banned from DrivethruRPG. The controversy surrounding our deplatforming and the sudden surge of popularity for MEN has obviously boosted our sales and brought us a brief moment of fame (or infamy). However, March will be a real test of our success, as what happened with MEN can’t be replicated. We will soon discover if enough customers will follow us to Big Geek Emporium and Lulu, and if those who purchased MEN as a show of defiance against censorship will be interested in our Wretched line.

Our priority now is to stay connected with our customers and make up for the loss of exposure caused by being excluded from that monopolistic store. Regardless of what the future holds, we are grateful to those who have stood by us and supported the Red Room. Thank you!

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Stay Wretched.

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