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Wretches in SPAAAAAAACE!

There won’t be much information about the setting in the Wretched Space, core book, but here’s some of it, to set the tone:

The Galactic Federation, an ancient and profoundly corrupt institution composed of consuls and senators from each planet, is the ruling body for most of the known universe. The exception is Adityan Occupied Space, which remains non-affiliated and, at times, hostile. The Galactic Federation Council, where consuls representing each planet have their seats and exert their vast influence, is controlled by a majority of human-settled worlds, but other sentient races are represented.

The council’s power comes from manipulation and corruption, and it has tight control over all kinds of activities, including commerce and trade. There’s also a Galactic Senate, which ratifies laws and serves as a high court.

The primary currency is Federation Credits, used in almost every transaction within colonized space (again, the Adityan sector is an exception).

In the galaxy’s fringes, known as the Outer Rim, independent-seeking planets don’t want much to do with anyone else. Officially, they are under the jurisdiction of the Federation, but the tension between the Inner Planets and the Outer Rim has been rising. Rumour of an eminent war brewing between Federation forces and the Outer Planets is spreading.

The Federation Space Administration Agency (FSAA) is an interstellar bureaucracy established by the Galactic Federation Council to uphold the law in all territories.

In normal circumstances, local authorities such as police departments or sheriff’s offices can enforce such laws on their own planets and within their own systems’ borders. In the Outer Rim, however, local law enforcement tends not to follow Federation directives, and FSAA agents are usually received with outright hostility from police forces and the general population. That’s why the Legion was created.

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