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Help Us Promote!

This year, with the Red Room YouTube channel adding to the Facebook group/ page, the blog, all the social media presence, the writing and now learning how to do layouts, role-playing games (almost) turned into my full-time job. I still have other source of income, but my time is entirely devoted to RPG related work. And while I do have a Patreon account, I’m not really expecting that kind of support. Well, not yet…

Meanwhile, I really need some motivation for this (and motivation, in this case, means more followers, subscribers and sales) and, as much as I try to promote, I’m still lousy at it. Getting more reviews, invitations for interviews or any other way of raising awareness is a priority now. That might be tricky to do, it requires someone else to be interested in my work, but at least sharing our videos and promotional posts requires very little. If you guys can help with any of that, that would be great! I hate asking for help, but now is the right time.

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