Wretched Verses Issue 12: Alternative Magic Rules


For those seeking an even more “realistic” and less powerful magic system than the standard Wretched rules, these alternative conjurer rituals provide a further departure from its Vancian roots. If you’ve purchased the Wretched Époque Second Edition, you should already have access to these rules (check the downloads in your account). And if you plan to get the upcoming Wretched Darkness Second Edition, you’ll also find this content included.


In the Wretchedverse, true magic stems from the dark dimension known as the Beyond. All schools of magic, from necromancy to technomancy, ultimately channel otherworldly energies. Rituals provide the means for conjurers to harness these forces without instantly succumbing to annihilation or corruption. Whether forged through esoteric study, innate talent, or direct bargaining with entities, the methods vary. Yet some fundamentals remain consistent. The weaving of preternatural effects requires focus, symbolic power, and strength of will. Most rituals demand certain instruments to structure magical energies. The required tools reflect the conjurer’s style. Cybermancers integrate technology such as circuits, processors, and liquid crystal displays in their ceremonies. Urbanomancers employ graffiti, architectural plans, and photographs of cityscapes. Classical ritualists rely on candles, daggers, amulets, wands, and tomes bound in exotic materials. The use of blood, sexual fluids, ashes of the dead, psychoactive compounds, consecrated relics, or ancient bones
also serve to amplify effects.



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