Wretched Conspiracies


Wretched Conspiracies can work either as a standalone setting for Wretched Role-Playing Game or as a sourcebook for Wretched Darkness. In Conspiracies, players can take the role of seasoned characters, already aware of the existence of otherworldly phenomena, or neophytes, for whom the world is subject to the rules of rationality. They can also be members of the Veil Syndicate, an enigmatic organization that tries to keep paranormal and supernatural phenomena hidden from the public, or trying to get the truth out there. You choose the way you want to run it, we provide you with the tools (132 pages).

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Within the hidden corners of the modern world, the Veil Syndicate discreetly carries out its operations, spinning intricate webs of deception and intrigue from the shadows of secrecy.
As members of government agencies, you have been initiated into this clandestine brotherhood, tasked with maintaining control over society and concealing the supernatural phenomena that lurk behind the veil of the mundane.

The Veil Syndicate, a formidable organisation with roots in ancient secret societies, has infiltrated the highest echelons of power in government, industry, and academia. Over millennia, these groups have merged and evolved into the powerful and enigmatic organisation that now stands before you.

With cutting-edge technology, powerful weaponry, and vast resources at your disposal, you will join the ranks of the Syndicate’s elite agents, sworn to protect the organisation’s interests and uphold its mysterious agenda.


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