The Red Room is Alive! ALIVE!

Since our ban, we've had several messages from former DrivethruRPG customers who noticed we were gone from there. Luckily, some took the time to look for us, but we believe most will not make the effort. So, please, help us spread the word: The Red Room is alive. You can find us: At our website … Continue reading The Red Room is Alive! ALIVE!

Wretched: On Edginess and Anti-Heroes

Let's see if you can finally put this matter to rest...

Liveplay Wretched New Flesh

Later today, Judd Goswick will be game mastering a Wretched New Flesh session for our group. Meanwhile, if you want to find out more about this Wretched setting, go over to our store or Big Geek Emporium and use the code "new flesh" for 50% discount over Wretched New Flesh and All Bets are Off.  … Continue reading Liveplay Wretched New Flesh

25% Discount at The Red Room Store

To welcome new purchasers to our brand new store, we have a 25% discount over all items (except bundles). You just need to use the coupon code "redroomwelcome" when purchasing from the Red Room until the end of March.

Sub Umbra Now Available at (Print on Demand) Here's a short video so you can a look

Cover Art for Wretched

Cover art for the upcoming Wretched core rules by Jae Tanaka. Coming soon from the Red Room! Wretched Role-playing Game

The Red Room Shop – NOW OPEN!

Introducing the brand new RED ROOM shop. We'll keep selling through Big Geek, Lulu and Postmortem, but this will be our preferred platform for selling our books in digital format from now on. And to welcome you to our new store, use "redroomwelcome" as a 25% discount coupon until the end of March.

News Update: Red Room Store Soon

Not much to say yet, but we're setting up a store at the Red Room's site. Stay tuned for more news about this.

EPIC! Promo Video and Lowered Price

We've decided to lower the price for EPIC!, Sílvia Clemente's entry into the Cha'alt Game Jam to $6.50. If you felt it was a bit pricey, it's now time to dive into it. And here's a video promo to whet your appetite:


Dungeons & Dragons emasculates protagonists. MEN dares you to play REAL MEN. Which way, western man?