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20 Reasons why you should try Wretched games by the Red Room:

1) The core book free, download it here:

… or at Giant Slayer Games or Big Geek Emporium.
2) It’s OSR. Though we made some changes for 2nd editon, you already know the rules.
3) We have races and species, not “heritages”, “lineages” or any other PC bullshit.
4) Orcs are evil. People are evil. Everyone is evil.
5) The Game Master is God. Almost… Ok, he’s a god, not God.
6) Characters can die without the player giving consent. Obviously…
7) Actually, characters should die often just because the Game Master feels like it. But not the players! Let the bastards live to play another day.
8 ) No X-Cards or other safety tools. Yeah, you can use them anyway, we can’t avoid it. But then you’re a pussy… Slavery exists. Violence exists. Torture exists. It will happen, deal with it! Or don’t, go play another game.
9) It’s inspired by exploitation movies, spaghetti westerns, bad Conan rip-offs, lousy science fictions movies of the 80s and 90s, giallo and fuelled by David Lynch’s dreamworld.
10) We have five cats to feed and the little bastards eat a lot.
11) We don’t pander to mobs. We do what we like to do.
12) Once we released a game called MEN – A Manly Game for Manly Men and we got banned from Drivethru. There’s no room for us there, we’re too fucking MANLY! Yes, even Silvia Clemente.
13) Yeah, we use AI. But we also use real art. The core book’s cover is by Jae Tanaka, and it’s fucking awesome.
14) The RPGPundit doesn’t hate it. I think we can count that as a plus, right?
15) Did I mention the core book is free? There are other free items at our store as well, such as Sexual Holocaust and Something Wretched this Way Comes.
16) We’ve just released a mini-setting by James Desborough
inspired by JG Ballard. And it’s playable. And not a story game. Who else does that?
17) We are wretched, but we aren’t freaks. Check out our channel and see how normal we look!
18) We release about 3 products a month, spanning genres such as space opera, super-heroes, horror, post-apoc, exploitation, fantasy, science fictions and western. You’ll find some genre you like.
19) We have plenty of typos for you to find. Ok, it’s not a plus… But we also keep releasing updates as well!
20) We do the games we want to play. They are all niche products, but they are done by gamers and for gamers. If you share our likes, you’ll probably find something you enjoy in the Wretchedverse.

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