2023? Really!? This Early!?

Lord Matteus' Ancient Tomes and Wondrous Items

Hello Dear Readers! I wanted to write this blog entry two weeks ago to give everyone a preview of what is to come for me in 2023. Then the OGL 1.1 leak happened. This Open Gaming License crisis has had me busy—really busy. With the constant news updates on this from day to day, it has been hard to keep up. I kind of want to be over it, but as of this writing, WotC has decided to wait until 1/16/23 to roll out something with a non-apology apology!

Gah! I don’t want to talk about the OGL right now. As I said in the last paragraph, I wanted to write about my plans for 2023. So where to begin?

Well, I just published Wretched Folklore. It is up at DrivethruRPG and Big Geek Emporium. Physical copies of the book are available at Lulu.com. Print-on-demand will be available…

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