Wretched Èpoque – The strongest and most unique offering from The Red Room

Matthew Thomas reviewed Wretched Époque.

Lord Matteus' Ancient Tomes and Wondrous Items

Okay, Dear Readers! I have been meditating quite a bit lately. One issue, in particular, is character death, but rather than write about that today, I am going to do a game review. Why? Because I started chatting up Miguel Ribeiro of the Red Room and he sent me a pdf copy of Wretched Èpoque to review. This is a great book and I had to write about it today! You will have to wait for my meditation on death…that sounds positively Nietzchean!

Before we go on, I must state that I am currently working on a supplement for the Red Room that will include a bestiary, NPCs, and a new character class for both Wretched Country and Wretched Èpoque. I mention this for purposes of full disclosure in the event you see any perceived bias. I don’t think I am being biased but hey…I want to be honest here!

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