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Angels of Sorrow & Phantoms of Celluloid

Two new supernatural creatures for use in any of my previous scenarios/ campaign settings. Angels of Sorrow are connected to the Apostles of Pain – so they are especially easy to add to Sisters of the Seven Sins, Welcome to St. Cloud and Postcards from Avalidad – and Phantoms of Celluloid will be featured in an upcoming horror scenario.


Angels of Sorrow share a few similarities with Apostles of Pain, to such an extent it is unknown if they are entirely different beings, or have a common identity. Both come from the same plane of existence and they have walked the same path for aeons. Perhaps the eldest among them are aware of their roots, but they have yet to share their knowledge. Like the Apostles of Pain, Angels of Sorrow can cross from their realm to our own but, unlike the former, the later have no need to be summoned by humans; they have the ability to travel on their own from the nether regions. However, the transition is not easy for them, so they rarely do it, only when attracted by particularly strong sources of anguish: just as the Apostles feed on physical suffering, the Angels find sustenance in mental distress.

Another main difference between them is that all Angels of Pain can easily transform their bodies to appear as other species or entities; some Apostles can do it as well, but those are exceedingly rare.  As they aren’t limited in time by the duration of summoning rituals, in our reality Angels usually take the same form for long stretches of time. As previously mentioned they are attracted by mental suffering: derelict nursing homes, mental institutions, Third World orphanages and reform schools, support groups for sexual abuse or domestic violence survivors and homeless shelters are strong beacons of desperation, but they can be called forth by any lonely and anguished person. Sometimes Angels of Sorrow seduce the recently widowed or divorced and help channel the lonely person’s anger against their own progeny, turning them into cruel and abusive parents, or they ensnare the unloved and set off to turn their sad existence into a living hell. Before, they met their lonesome prey in singles bars or through marriage agencies and speed dating events, but the advent of dating apps has eased the Angel’s work even more.

It is unknown how many Angels of Sorrow walk among us, but they certainly aren’t many. Most cruel parents, abusive lovers and employees of substandard mental institutions are common  people; only a handful of them are supernatural creatures feeding on distress.


Mind: d10

Body: d8

Spirit: d12

Mask: Abuser d4

Skill: Seductive d8

Skill: Manipulative d10

Skill: Tortured d6

Monstrous Power: Ageless d6

Monstrous Power: Dark Seduction d10

Monstrous Power: Telepathic Projection d6

Monstrous Power: Telepathic Reading d6

Bane: Strong Willpower d10

Initiative: d10+d4


Savvy (SAV): 7

Reaction (REA): 7

Finesse (FIN): 7

Artifice (ART): 7

Willpower (WIL): 12

Fortune (FOR): 7

Agility (AGL): 7

Physique (PHY): 7

Soul (SOU): 4

Psionics (PSI): Varies

Health (WILL+PHYS/2 x5): 50

Sprint (AGLx3): 21

Sanity (SOULx10): 40

Fundamental Skills: Observer: 8, Focused: 8, Educated: 2, Persuasive: 10, Athletic: 2, Teacher: 2, Expert: Hometown: 2, Brawler: 2, Hard to Hit: 2

Other skills: Interviewer: 5, Schmoozer: 10, Seductive: 10, Viber: 10

Supernatural Powers: Ageless, Telepathy (Dominate, Empathy, Send Thoughts,Read Thoughts)

Fear Effect: None when in human form, Difficulty 15 in their demon form


These creatures are the by-products of Tinseltown’s worst side. Decades upon decades of failed expectations, lack of creativity, bad acting, sour tempers, bitter rivalries, tempestuous relationships, backstabbing, casting couches, drug overdoses, decadent parties, lives cut too short by suicide or tragic accidents… They are a reflection of Hollywood’s magic when it turns dark, and they can manifest through any existent movie. The Phantoms of Celluloid usually appear physically similar to the actors who played them on-screen, but their looks may vary.

These beings aren’t as strong or resilient as true people and, being born out of celluloid nightmares, they take double damage from fire and heat. The creatures do not acknowledge their existence as fictional, they identify as real and, even though their memories are always a bit blurry, the Phantoms of Celluloid harvest no doubts about their selfhood.


Mind: d6

Body: d4

Spirit: d8

Mask: Wild West Character d4

Skill: Firearms d8

Skill: Riding d8

Skill: Melee d8

Monstrous Power: Ageless d12

Monstrous Power: Insubstantial d6

Bane: Fire d8

Bane: Heat d6

Initiative: d6+d8


Savvy (SAV): 5

Reaction (REA): 7

Finesse (FIN): 5

Artifice (ART): 5

Willpower (WIL): 5

Fortune (FOR): 5

Agility (AGL): 5

Physique (PHY): 3

Soul (SOU): 5

Health (WILL+PHYS/2 x5): 20

Sprint (AGLx3): 15

Sanity (SOULx10): 50

Fundamental Skills: Educated: 2, Expert (Hometown): 2, Observer: 5, Focused: 2, Persuasive: 2, Athletic: 2, Teacher: 2, Brawler: 5, Hard to Hit: 2

Other Skills: Varied.

Supernatural Powers: Ageless (self-explanatory), Insubstantial (although they can’t control it and aren’t even aware of the power, Phantoms of Celluloid can become insubstantial and pass through any kind of gap, no matter its size, if the situation calls or it)

Fear Effect: Varies

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