Tabletop RPG Review: Orpheum Lofts

An Orpheum Lofts review by Matthew J. Constantine

Matthew J. Constantine

Miguel Ribeiro has created a series of system neutral game supplements called Postmortem Giallo.  Orpheum Lofts is the first.  It does have stat-blocks for a game called (pardon my French) Actual Fucking Monsters, but you could easily plug-and-play this into whatever system you want.  I could see it working well in either Call of Cthulhuor Over the Edge as just two examples.

There is no specific story here, no direction you have to take. It essentially presents a location and populates it with characters, fleshing out the relationships between them. The idea seems to be for the players to take on the role of one of these characters, but I could also see making new characters who have just moved into the Orpheum.

The setting is meant to capture the vibe and essence of Giallo films, the sleazy, over-the-top crime cinema that came out of Italy in the…

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