Wretched Verses Issue 8: Life on the Edge, A Journey Through the Borderline



The pinnacle of anguish, where existence for many is a barren, winding path of dust. The Borderline is a realm teeming with an elusive energy that can contort and deceive its inhabitants without their knowledge. The corruption you sense is deeply internal, manifesting in subtle physical transformations that often go unnoticed. As you traverse this domain, you’ll encounter bizarre sights, but the true horror lies within the tumultuous inner beasts residing in those who dwell along the Borderline. A torrential dance of energies emanates from two intertwined souls: Verkin and its enigmatic counterpart, Ershey. These entities embody a tempest of wrongs, a maelstrom of darkness.

This energy holds no meaning for some, and they remain oblivious to its extraordinary power. Yet the Borderline, once ventured into, has the potential to irrevocably alter you, granting rewards or exacting terrible costs. Your fate hinges on how you navigate the trials concealed within this boundless desert, replete with shadowy enclaves, caverns, and mysteries. This guide offers insight into this desolate expanse. You will discover its settlements and denizens, most of whom regard outsiders with distrust and hostility.


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