Wretched Space – Second Edition


Wretched Space – Second Edition is a setting, not a standalone game, but when you buy the digital version at the Red Room store you also get the pdf for Wretched Role-Playing Game core book for free.

You can find the print on demand version at Lulu.


In the sordid underbelly of the galaxy, only the crafty and callous survive. Wretched Space is an old-school RPG where you don’t play as heroes on a noble crusade, but rather as roguish anti-heroes just looking to get by in a harsh universe. You aren’t out to save the world – you’re out to save your own skin. And maybe make some credits along the way if opportunity knocks. This game revels in greyness of morality, where doing the right thing takes a backseat to doing what needs to be done. Idealism is a luxury you can’t afford out here.
This book contains a setting, the space opera version of the Wretchedverse, and plenty of ideas for you to come up with new worlds. To be true to the Wretched spirit, the default setting casts the players as members of the Wretched Legion, a special corps of the Galactic Federation law enforcement made up of pardoned criminals given an old, battered starship and second-rate weaponry, and deployed to enforce the law on backwater worlds. If this prospect doesn’t appeal to you, there’s a whole universe of wretchedness out there…


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