Wretched Country – Second Edition


Welcome to the gritty world of Wretched Country, a place where the lines of morality blur and heroes are few and far between. This is the second edition of our venture into the wild frontier of the Western genre.

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Inspired by the raw, lawless world depicted in spaghetti Westerns, Wretched Country allows players to immerse themselves in the roles of anti-hero characters, roving the expansive plains and lawless towns of the Old West. While the great American cowboy tales hold a special place, we’ve taken our cues from the European take on the genre, one already teeming with a cast of roughened rogues and desperate outcasts.

In order to navigate the treacherous terrain of second edition Wretched Country, you will need the core rule book for the Wretched system, Wretched Role-Playing Game. It provides the backbone for the game, laying out the key rules, mechanics, and structure that define the Wretchedverse experience. However, Wretched Country is adaptable and versatile, and it can be meshed with another set of rules (280 pages)

Note: When you buy the digital version of Wretched Country – Second Edition you also get the pdf for Wretched Role-Playing Game core book for free.


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