Orbital Decay


Wretched New Flesh: Orbital Decay is a gritty industrial science-fiction setting that can be used as standalone, though it is primarily meant to be an expansion to the dark and twisted universe of Wretched New Flesh (195 pages).

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Building upon the surreal and nightmarish world of Avalidad, Orbital Decay explores the depths of human ambition, desperation, and depravity as we venture beyond Earth’s atmosphere, establishing orbital stations and colonies on other planets within the solar system. This setting draws heavy inspiration from iconic films such as Alien, Aliens, Outland, Escape from New York, Stalker, Solaris, Event Horizon, and Pandorum, expertly weaving themes of isolation, claustrophobia, desperation, fear, and horror into the fabric of its narrative. As humanity reaches for the stars in search of resources, knowledge, and power, the ever-present influence of Takeda Technologies and other known corporations extend their reach into the cold void of space.


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