The infamous Red Room is home to a ragtag band of misfits and dreamers, brought together by their love of role-playing games and desire to push boundaries. At the helm is Miguel Ribeiro, a roguish former journalist with a penchant for the politically incorrect. By his side is the fiery Sílvia, who somehow manages to balance her conventional day job with after-hours wretchedness. Others have joined along the way, Joe Coombs, Olivar Tripas, Dick Pound, Michael L Straus, Chris Cotgrove, Judd Goswick…

What started as a YouTube channel has evolved into something far more ambitious – and controversial. Miguel and his gang now devote themselves to publishing uncensored role-playing games, heedless of what the mainstream may think. Besides this store, you can find the Red Room’s products at Lulu.com, Big Geek Emporium, Giant Slayer Games and Postmortem Studios.

In the Red Room no topic is off limits and no vision too outlandish.