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The Sisters of the Seven Sins (Wretched Edition) – Released

This horror scenario takes place in a Portuguese convent with a dark history of demonic possession, black magic, and Devil worships that, in the mid-1970s, is occupied by a recently founded unusual religious congregation made up of disgraced women who wish to atone for their past, the Reprobate Sisters of the Seven Sins. Players can take the role of nuns, Vatican authorities sent to investigate reports of demoniacal manifestations, reporters interested in exploring the story behind this atypical catholic sisterhood or even criminals working on a devious plan to restore a sinister painting to the convent where it originally belonged.

In this scenario, you will find a summary description of the fictional Convent of Saint Mary Magdalene, located in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, followed by some information about the country during the late 1970s and various detailed characters. This assumes you will run it in Wretchploitation or other modern horror games. But if you’d rather play it as a Wretched Époque scenario, there are notes for adapting each player and non-player character to the Belle Époque and more plot hooks and details about Lisbon in the late 19th century.

Note: The first version of this scenario was published last year by Postmortem Studios. This one has different rules (OSR mechanics for the Wretched system), more plot hooks, for the Belle Époque, and some player handouts.

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Wretched New Flesh Quickstart Released

Wretched New Flesh is an upcoming Red Room game, an OSR adaptation of Postcards from Avalidad, a Postmortem Studios setting by Miguel Ribeiro. The quickstart includes most of the rules and a setting introduction.

This is a near-future sci-fi/ surreal horror game inspired by the works of William S. Burroughs, David Cronenberg, William Gibson, and Clive Barker. The game setting is centred on Avalidad, a futuristic city in Morocco, where corporations have been conducting research in genetics, cybernetics, augmented and virtual reality, and biotechnology. By default, characters are expected to be ZoneSec operatives (a mix between law-enforcement agency and state police) or executives for Takeda Technologies (one of the most relevant corporations in Avalidad), but other roles such as Avalidad’s celebrities, fiscal royalty and seedy underbelly are also possible.

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Wretched New Flesh Quickstart Coming Soon

Wretched New Flesh – Postcards from Avalidad quickstart is almost ready. The full game itself will take a while longer. And though I didn’t really need a cover for this (the Basic Expert will do the real book cover) here’s a different one for the quickstart anyway.

No photo description available.

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Wretchploitation Quickstart Released

Wretchploitation Quickstart Released (Pay What You Want)

This is the quickstart version of Wretchplotation, an OSR game that emulates exploitation movies, from blaxploitation to Eurocrime., This is a condensed and (slightly) censored version: the naughtiest bits are off, since the full version is for mature readers only.

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Wretched GM Screen – RELEASED

Wretched GM Screen (inserts) – RELEASED

A set of landscape-oriented inserts (8x 8.5″ x 11″ pages) for Wretched Game Masters. Four are illustrated panels with evocative and wretched art by Warghoul (aka Lore Forge Meister) who also did the cover and some interior art for Wretchploitation. The inner panels contain rules references and tables for GMs running games of Wretched Bastards, Wretched Country, Wretched Époque, Wretchploitation, and Wretched New Flesh (or any of the planned games for the Wretched line). This is a work in progress and it will be updated when new games are released.

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Deviants & Dirty Deeds Issue 2 Released

Deviants & Dirty Deeds Issue 2 includes plenty of story seeds, random tables, pre-generated characters and gamemastering hints for the OSR investigative horror game Wretched Époque (and other Wretched games) by Rawkin Joe G Coombs . Liam Thompson writes about body horror in role-playing games and Silvia Clemente about how “fates worse than death” have turned into a forbidden subject. Also an article by Miguel Ribeiro about using Twin Peaks as inspiration for writing surreal adventures.–Dirty-Deeds-Issue-2

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Wretched Overviews Wretchploitation and Sexual Holocaust

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Mail Call: Wretched Époque and three LotFP scenarios

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Wretchploitation: Coming Soon From The Red Room!

Wretchploitation: /rɛtʃplɔɪˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ the act of playing characters who use NPCs unfairly for their own advantage. Sexploitation, blaxploitation, nunsploitation, Nazisploitation, mondo, Giallo, revenge, slasher, splatter, gore, cannibals, zombie… Play them all, the Wretched way! Coming soon from the Red Room.

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2 Months, 3 Games, 3 Scenarios and 3 Sourcebooks

Is it time for some Wretched self-promo? Sure, why not?

We started publishing through The Red Room about two months ago. In two months only we published 3 games, 3 scenarios and 3 sourcebooks (we didn’t plan the 3-3-3 it was just a coincidence). So here’s our stuff:

Wretched Bastards: play anti-heroes in the dark-fantasy, low-magic world of Antillia in this OSR RPG.

Daughters of Darkness, Sound of Madness and The Seven Bastards: three scenarios by Silvia Clemente, set in the World of Bastards.

Scurvy: explore Husks Key and face the wretched crew of Captain Barbafuchsia.

Furry Bastards: anthropomorphic mutant races for Wretched Bastards.

Deviants & Dirty Deeds: pregens and plot-hooks for Wretched Bastards, by Joe Coombs.

Wretched Country: a western-themed OSR role-playing game, especially adequate for spaghetti western-styled campaign.

Wretched Époque: investigate supernatural, paranormal or mundane mysteries in Paris of the Belle Époque (or just be a wretched villain and be pursued by others).

The Red Room’s games at DrivethruRPG:

…and at