Wretched Interbellum


The shadows of the Great War still loom large in this uneasy interwar period, coloured by the lingering trauma of unprecedented violence that swept the world from 1914 to 1918. Unsettled borders, crumbling empires, and new regimes leave the political landscape fraught with tension. Strange occult forces stirred by wartime bloodshed now threaten the fabric of reality. You take on the role of adventurers in this uncertain era, navigating landscapes scarred by the horrors of trench warfare. Like the roguish sailor Corto Maltese or Steinbeck’s wandering souls, you may have no allegiances beyond your own code of honour. Alliances are prerequisites for survival, yet trust is scarce among scheming factions vying for power in the ashes of war. Moral compasses waver like ships in a storm, the lines between heroes and villains obscured in swirling fog.

Inspired by the mythic storytelling of Hugo Pratt, the cynical realism of Hemingway and Hammett, and the occult mysticism of weird fiction, Wretched Interbellum melds harsh historical truths with otherworldly fantasy. The choices you make shall shape the fate of a fragile world teetering between hope and utter damnation. Vestiges of lost empires and old regimes grasp for lost glory with tyrannical fervour. Strange pacts and mystical forces promise power, but at a dire cost to body and soul. Will you aid the brave resistance struggling for freedom? Seek lost fortunes and arcane knowledge? Or simply survive as moral relativity reigns? The future remains unwritten in this land where ghosts of the Great War still walk.

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