Vice: Sandcove Gets the Blues


A Wretchploitation supplement for maverick cops, low-down punks, and the blurred lines of good and evil. Welcome to Sandcove City, have a nice stay! (43 pages)

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The city is going to shit. It’s like a pressure cooker. You have seen it turning bad to worse. Shootings, muggings, burglary, trafficking, sadism, night and day. Yes, this city is hotter than hell, and you’re inches away from the flames. They’re spreading like cancer, you’re in the thick of it, so deep undercover that it’s impossible to come up for air when reality bites. As your personal life crumbles, your are shot from all sides. You got the ex-wife yelling at you for alimony for kids you only see once in a blue moon. One of those children doesn’t even look like you, it’s like they’re a stranger. Yet you are drawn to this strange oddity as it’s almost too perfect.


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