Furry Bastards


Mutated animal species as player character races for Wretched Bastards.


Millennia ago, Adityans ruled Antillia. They were an advanced space-faring civilization that used this world for their genetic experiments. Through those genetic engineering projects, the Human race was born. But there was an even worse failure than Humanity: a group of rogue Adityan scientists opened a facility in an archipelago miles away from the western coast of Corphye, and there they tried to create different sentient races mixing human and animal DNA. The experiments didn’t achieve the expected results. The new beings were almost intelligent, but not quite. Eventually, the scientists simply abandoned their island facilities and left the creatures behind. For thousands of years, they were left undisturbed. The animals divided themselves into tribes according to their species. Some of those tribes maintained close relationships, while others became mortal enemies. They never tried travelling outside their archipelago and, until one hundred years ago, no outsider set eyes on them. Almost one century ago, sailors from the coastal lands of Mbanza found the islands and were astonished to find several anthropomorphic animal species.


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