Bad Guys Always Lose


In this book you will find expanded information about Hammettville’s Vigilantes and Crime Lords, revised powers, new heroes and villains and two scenarios.

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Ancient history has its myths and legends. England had its magic, its monsters and its super spies. The old west had its Masked Rider and its tall tales. The 1900s had Jungle Lord, the Phantom Detective and the Golden Doctor. World War 2 had its super soldiers and atomic monsters. The 1950s had its aliens; the 1960s gave us mutants, and the 1970s made us believe a man could fly. While we may explore those other time periods in a future supplement, for now we will focus on the secret history of super humans from the 1980s until today, and the events that shaped the creation of the Prometheus Project in Hammettville, as well as other super humans around the world. It begins with the Saturday Sentinels Slaughter.


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