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Shadows Over Olisipo- RELEASED (Red Room Store, Big Geek Emporium and Giant Slayer Games, it will available later at Lulu).

This is a campaign setting sourcebook for Wretched Époque (or other investigative horror games) set in Portugal of the late 19th century. With elements of gothic horror, weird occultism, and investigative tension, the campaign aims to bring 19th century Portugal to chilling life. The style emphasises brooding atmosphere, mounting dread, and strange phenomena to drive an engaging story filled with thrills and intrigue. While touching on important themes, the focus rests squarely on immersive world building and tense adventure.Players can expect shadowy wars waged in the dark, ancient evils buried but not dead, and labyrinthine conspiracies that threatens not just Portugal but the world at large. Sanity, certainty, and even reality itself may bend under the weight of truths waiting to be unearthed. But anti-heroes emerge even in the darkest nights.

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