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The Red Room’s Contacts With DrivethruRPG: Clarifying False Accusations

Since a lot of people are taking Drivethru’s accusations of hostile behaviour as a fact*, in this blog post we include the content of our emails directed at their Publisher Support Team.

*This is the statement from Scott Holden’s email about cancelling the Red Room’s account:

Miguel, we have tried our best to work with you for the past year, but your stance toward our company and your treatment of our social media administrators has always been aggressive, bordering on abusive. We will not tolerate it any further.

We’re certain that if you have taken Drivethru’s side so far, you will still not believe the Red Room, and assume that these emails are not the only contacts we had with them. Or you will consider these emails to be extremely hostile, bordering on abusive, in spite of the fact that they are NOT.

The first one is about the product description for Wretched Bastards containing the word “rape”.

Drivehtru’s email:

Our reply:

Drivethru’s Publisher Support email when Sexual Holocaust was “temporarily suspended”:

Our first reply:

Our second second reply, after they repeated the same thing:

Drivethru’s Publisher Support email when someone reported Wretchploitation Quickstart as offensive:

Our reply:

There were other reports from (two or three more), but Drivehtru only contacted me after the review was done, informing me that the product was briefly taken down while they conducted a review and was up again because they had found no harmful content or other infringement of their guidelines. I didn’t reply to those, so there’s no need to post them here. I didn’t reply to the latest email warning me that MEN has been taken down. Next, here’s a full list of my contacts with their social administrators during my entire life

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I never had any contact with their social media.

Now that I have wasted a bit of my time, keep believing Drivethru’s statements. They are on the Right Side of History, and I’m one of the Bad Guys, after all. Maybe you can ask them for proof of their claims. I’m sure they will not provide since they do not exist.

For those of you who support us:

Star Wretched!

2 thoughts on “The Red Room’s Contacts With DrivethruRPG: Clarifying False Accusations

  1. what a joke sorry this is happening to you

    1. A most unfortunate situation. Let’s hope that in a month or two our friends who purchased at Drivehtru will have migrated to Big Geek Emporium.

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